Shoes on sale Tuesday! Dorthy and Cleopatra style.

by Meg on January 20, 2009

If Dorthy Were a Hipster…

she would probably rock these metallic ruby reds at 20% off. And if she were a hipster, she would also probably ride a fixy (fixie?). Regardless, I actually think they’re pretty cute and on sale. She would also carry around Toto in a modern day messenger bag (that fits her laptop too). Probably something like this (keeping inline with those wholesome US colors – and I couldn’t find a gingham bag on sale).




and if Cleopatra were BFF with Beyonce…

She’d rock these for 24% off. Probably also handy for keeping serfs inline I’d imagine, and giving Ceaser a lil something something to look at. And of course, her serfs would carry everything for her – so she’d pick up a scarf on sale*.

*now only $314… who is that on sale for???

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