Shoes on sale Tuesdays

by Meg on January 13, 2009

Who doesn’t like shoes?  And who doesn’t like shoes on sale?  What about looking at awful/silly shoes on sale?  I can’t imagine I’d actually wear either of these, but it’s fun to look and imagine yourself at the extreme of either of these styles.  Also, don’t get me wrong about the glorious middle ground of geek chic (my preferred style), but I like to poke a little fun!  And if you CAN make either of these shoes work, please, send pics!!



Reebok Delta Green/Shamrock Women’s Freestyle Hi Pastels – 30% off!!

If I was dressing like a color kid (like Patty O’Green) – I’d totally pick up a pair.  Or if I was color blind, I might wear them.

And despite the fact my sister recently informed me matching shoes to your bag is passe, I think you can really only wear these Freestyle Hi Pastels with a ridiculous bag as well.  Like this Soccer MOM bag.  If you’re ironic enough to pull off the shoes, you could easily swing the bag as well.  Or, if your clueless enough about the shoes, the bag just compliments the outfit to start.



Gabriella Rocha Mylie – 10% off! Snapz!

I’d kill myself in these.  Or by some accidental ninja move, fling one of these off my foot and kill someone else.  Then PETA would douse them with paint.  Besides those points, I’ve always wanted to try and nab a pair of animal print heels to live out high fashion from the Strip lane (not really).  I imagine them to be more of a cougar shoe though, so I think I have a few years before I can purchase a pair.  sigh.

I’m pretty sure you would want to wear a clutch with these bad girls – and I was going to NOT match the print… but DAMN I like this picture too much of this HUGE clutch in this mannequins arms to pass it up.  This crap is also 48% off to bring it down to $233.  What??? No.


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