Shree Bose – The Kelly Clarkson of the Google Science Fair Projects

by Meg on October 12, 2011

This past year, Google held their first Google Science Fair for middle school and high school aged children.  I actually had no idea the event was going on until I heard about the winners.  More specifically, until I heard that in the very first year of Google Science Fair competition, first, second, and third place were all girls.  I think geek girl evangelists everywhere felt their hearts grow at least one size again in hope for the future of women in STEM fields.

I had the honor of speaking with the grand prize winner, Shree Bose, who won for her project on Ovarian Cancer Drug Research.  Her energy and excitement is contagious as she explains how she went from dying spinach plants blue in 2nd grade to helping advance Ovarian Cancer Research as an 11th grader.


Shree and her dolls!


The curious young Shree.

Shree Bose - Young Scientist

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