Some Geeky & Girly News: Star Trek TV comes to Netflix & Kate Moss gets married!

by Meg on July 2, 2011

ST:TNG on Netflix StreamingOh happy nerd day!  Star Trek the Next Generation (and other Star Trek series) is now available on Netflix streaming. For those of you who that THINK you have no interest in following Patrick Stewart around in space, oh how very wrong you are.  Star Trek can be summed up to be a drama set in space that explores many MANY issues of what it means to be a human and interact with other humans.  Also, Jean-Luc Picard is THE man.

Here is a link to where it lives on Netflix. I’m quite appalled, shocked, and sadden that Netflix thinks I’d only rate it a 3.9  I blame letting roommates over the years access my Netflix to alter my user profile.

Even though I’ve become rapidly against physical media over the years (this last move I made I ripped 95% of my DVD collection and donated the physical DVD’s after), I still one day aspire to own the entire series.

Word of very sad warning from a fellow ST:cinephile:

Star Trek The Next Generation on Netflix

However, not even crap quality image can detour the awesomeness that is Star Trek The Next Generation. Resistance is futile.

Kate Moss CK One Famous AdIn other news, everyone’s favorite heroin-chic-model got hitched!  I actually really don’t care, but I saw a picture of her veil via Ms Mayka’s blog and it is GEORGES.  In fact, I also really like her dress that was done by John Galliano.  Check out the full smarmy UK Online article for more pictures and details.

I also can’t help but feel like the dozen+ young bridesmaids was way more motivated as an artistic choice for the wedding photos.  Just sayin’



Kate Moss Veil

Kate Moss gets married!


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