Something Geeky Something Girly: Is Sears the new girlhack store?? *gulp*

by Meg on September 27, 2010

Something Girlhack

Forever 21 Opening up in Sears Stores

During my short stint back home in Minnesota, I realized what I did before RSS feeds, Reddit, and the Internet as a whole: my parents filter the newspaper and recount the the stories they think will be interesting to me.  (Might I add, I realize how convenient this is now in person, yet when I get a package of newspaper clippings or email links, why do I find it the opposite of convenient ??)

Anyhow – my mother gets credit for pointing this out to me from the WSJ.  Forever 21 and Sears are teaming up to bring Forever 21 stores to in-store Sears.

The move as a whole makes sense for Sears and their desires to take a stab at a younger market.  However, considering when I was in NYC the other week and I saw that Forever 21 can get Times Square Real Estate (and even Union Square in SF) – why do they need Sears?

Regardless, Sears has tools (mostly not the human kind) and NOW “current” fashions (I enjoy XX21 from time to time!).  So, I feel like I have to put it out there – does this make Sears one of the now front runners for a go-to girlhack destination ?

For me, not really as I don’t buy that many tools.  I shall someday though!  When I have my future house with my future work space when I’m future married to Astronaut Mike Dexter.  I 30 Rock digress – however, some of you ladies might enjoy this more than me!  Or, for you guys who read this, now you have more ammo to convince your wife or girlfriend to stop at Sears with you.

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