Something Geeky Something Girly: Make your own font & Cool AirMail Stationary!

by Meg on September 1, 2010

Something GeekyMake Your Own Font!

Have my own font is something I’ve been looking into for many years and was just getting to the tipping point of finding and installing a few pieces of software so that I could finally be able to write in my own font. It just always seemed like it was either going to be a lot of money or a really cumbersome process to get all the software I needed to create one.

Last night on some late night internet search, I decided to look into it again and finally found the answer of all my vain personal font dreams! ! This site is AMAZING. I created my own personal font in about 10 minutes!! It actually creates the front as it uploads! How crazy cool is that?

However, I learned that there are some drawbacks to making the font process a little manual. I ended up redoing the font when I realized how many of my letters were floating around. I also had an ink spot mess up my g. I ended up taking the scans into photoshop and taking heavy advantage of the grids and then used the best drawing of each letter I liked in the end.

If you look below, you can see how in Try #1, some of the capitol letters are floating up into space.

Something GirlyLovely Airmail Stationary

It’s rare these days (or most of my life) that I hand write letters anymore! I actually did send one earlier this summer to an old best friend from high school, but never made it around to responding to her. It’s almost like I’m a pen pal again!

Regardless, I have the chance to maybe go to Ireland soon, where I have extended family! I was there about 17 years ago and met 5th cousins but haven’t seen them since. I’m hoping to write them a REAL letter to get their online information so I can hopefully meet-up with them next month.

More importantly, this gives me an excuse to use my Airmail stationary from Cranes I got about 15 years ago. I LOVE maps. So, MAPS + Cool light weight airmail stationary = my favorite stationary EVER. I mostly just wanted to share some pictures of its awesomeness and how thin it is!


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