Something Geeky Something Girly: NYC Edition! Midtown Comics on Fashion Ave

by Meg on September 10, 2010

Something Geeky and Something Girly

Midtown Comics on Fashion Ave

Yesterday, while on foot heading towards 30 Rock (I want(ed) to go to there) I stumbled upon Parsons School of Design!  This is home base for the show Project Runway and if you haven’t heard of the show, it’s a reality show where up and coming fashion designers compete to have Heidi Klum say YOU ARE IN! in a tone in which anyone would want an Aryan German Woman to say to you…  it also sometimes involves Red Lobster from down the street (WHO KNEW?!)

Parsons Across from Midtown!

However, as I crossed the street to get closer to Parsons I saw Midtown Comics!! 2 floors of comic goodness!  I decided to pop in and have a go.  They were very cool and let me take pictures (just not of the adult section).  They had a ton of great figurines out I enjoyed and I finally made my first real stab into comics and picked up a few books.

Looking at Parsons from Midtown

Apparently, Marvel declared 2010 the year of the Woman (where have I been for 9 months?) and they put together two cool compilations.  One is an index of Marvel Woman with their back stories and another one actually includes episodes(?! someone please correct me there) of comics going back to the 40’s.  Super interesting just even from a history point of view.  I imagine I’ll dive into those historical differences later – like the HORROR of being a PART TIME GIRLFRIEND!!  Okay, actually being a part time girlfriend still sucks in 2010…

Marvel Women!

Venus! She's out of this WORLD!

Data has action cat!** **Cat cannot move.

Manga Phoenix(i?)

1st Floor of Midtown - I raised the girl count by 1

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