Something Geeky Something Girly: Translators for geek languages & keep your purse clean!

by Meg on September 8, 2010

Something Geeky

“Geek” Language Translators!

Inspired by a recent conversation and needing to translate a string of Morse Code, I decided to look up a few ways to say “Hello, my name is girlhack!” in Geek form!

Morse Code

…. . .-.. .-.. —  / — -.– / -. .- — . / .. … / –. .. .-. .-.. …. .- -.-. -.-


Vulcan Klingon Romulan**

**This site had some Star Wars & Nav’vi translators, however it wasn’t working too well.  I think it’s mostly a Visual Basic issue.

nuqneH wIj pong ‘oH [girlhack]

t’kahr [My] [name] [is] [girlhack]

[Hello] taeth ‘nhqh ‘hh [girlhack]

Some l33t speak! This one includes three kinds of “dialects” plus a 1-10 intensity scale.

Original H4X0R level 1
H3Ll0, mY n@me is giRlh@cK!

Original H4X0R level 10
H3lL0, mY N@M3 I$ giRLh@ck!

Something Girly

Keep your purse clean!

More than anything, this post hopefully is serving as a reminder.  I often forget about how much my purse gets flung everywhere – bathroom counter tops, car floor, movie theatre floor (if I can’t avoid it).  Those are a lot of dirty places.  If you don’t think about that, I hope you do now!

If there is a purse you use all the time, it might even be worth a once a week rub down of the bottom and handles.

You will want to also make sure you following any specific cleaning instructions for your purse and the material it’s made out of.  Cleaning a suede bag is far different from wiping leather down.  Either way, do your research.

It also probably wouldn’t hurt to clean out the insides as well when you do this – it might lessen the chance of finding that missing $20 once a year, but better to lighten the load if you can!

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