is looking for submissions and staff writers!

In order to be a staff writer, you must commit to volunteer one article a month for six months at a time.  If you are interested in becoming staff or submitting an article, please send an email to info at girlhack dot com

Submissions can be made in any of the major categories:

  • Blog
    Anything and everything that is geeky, girly, and girlhack.
  • Interviews
    A collection of interviews with amazing bright women who are doing their own thing with no apologies.
  • Career
    Articles, advice, and anecdotes about standing on your own two feet in your career.
  • Reviews
    Reviews of video games, skirts, food, and more!
  • How To
    From how to setup your router to how to apply fake eyelashes and everything in-between.
  • Events
    News about events that celebrate the geeky, the girly, and the girlhack.