The cheatcode for sharing holiday cookies!

by Meg on December 4, 2009

As a true Minnesotan, when I’m trying to give you something, I won’t take no for an answer – especially for holiday cookies! Many people protest with visions of sugar(plum) fairies adding to their waist when they see that big cookie. I have learned the cheatcode!!

Take the time for the extra TLC and make mini cookies! A few years ago I was able to find a bag of mini cookie cutters for $3. I never thought they would be as popular as the big cookies, but much to my surprise, *everyone* can always make room for one little cookie. That’s when somehow, they usually have room for another one. :)

The pictures I have posted are of how I dress up the lil guys to give them away. I have a $2.99 tin from Target (which includes some of the big daddy cookies). I also have some clear plastic bags that look good with or without tissue paper.

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