The ultimate pink laptop bag shopping stop.

by Meg on February 20, 2012

I go back and forth on any association that pink has with technology.  More times than not, I think it does more harm than good.  However, I know that even some of my dear friends LOVE getting pink accessories for their gadgets.  For those dear friends of mine and the readers in the PINK camp, I’ve found the Rainebrooke website.  Rainebrooke specializes in specifically pink laptop bags.  The website started as a solution for a woman who wanted a cute and practical bag take with her on business trips and with research and time, Rainebrooke was born.  The name comes from the owners two daughters, Brooke and Raine.

Here is my personal favorite bag from the site.  It’s not super pink and I love the retro feel.  It’s called the Funchico v2.0

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