Thinking about joining the Peace Corps as a girl? Be warned

by Meg on August 31, 2011

I’ve always thought it would be a great and incredible character building experience to serve with the Peace Corps.  I’ve personally never found a way to fit it into my life, but I’ve heard of others doing so and frankly had never heard anything bad until today.  While stumbling around my new favorite subreddit (TwoXChromosomes) – I found a link to a Washington Post Article about 149 (!) affidavits from women who have been sexually assaulted or assaulted while serving in the Peace Corps.  While I would semi-expect woman to be in more danger while traveling abroad to do such things (since sadly women are still not give much authority as a whole in this world), I did NOT expect to hear about how the Peace Corps looked the other way, minimized, or dismissed what these women went through. Many said that they were blamed by the Peace Corps for not educating themselves about the areas they were going into and discouraged from any sort of followup.

Any of done the Peace Corps out there?  Thoughts?  Read the full article here.

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