Tips for setting up your Google+ Privacy Settings

by Meg on July 1, 2011

Check out the video below for a walkthrough!

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Google+ made the splash in my inbox yesterday during the invite only round.  To be honest, I apparently was totally out of the loop as far as hearing about Google+ or what it even was.  I assumed it was Google Wave 2.0 and I would argue that it is a bit, but it’s really much more Google’s Facebook.

I sent out a few invites to my friends, including one of my good girlfriends from high school.  She is no stranger to using online social media sites, however, she didn’t realize that a lot of her online information at some point had been integrated to her Google Accounts Profile.  So, as soon as she signed up for her Google+ account, all of this information was auto filled in her profile.

I wouldn’t call this a security leak as that at some point in time she had associated this information with her Google Profile, however, no where in the process did Google mention that it would all be pulled by default for her Google+.  It’s sort of interesting how in one light we make information available for people to find, but when it comes to an online profile like Facebook, it’s a different story.  With a little help from a former friend, he located where exactly in Google you set this information to be public or private.


Tips for PRE-setting up your Google+ account

1) Login to

2) Select “Connected Accounts” under personal settings

Connected Accounts link in your Google Account

3) Use this to see what exact accounts have been linked to your Google Account and if you still want the information to be public

Google Accounts Connected Accounts Privacy

4) Redirect your browser to – Scroll through this to double check all the information that Google is capturing about your profile.


Once you HAVE your Google+ account

1) Make sure to setup your circles and organize your connections right from the start!!

2) Navigate to your profile and “edit” the “about” section

3) In edit mode, you can click on any of the areas to bring a box that lets you modify the content.  When you click on the LINKS area, it gives you a direct link to the Connect Accounts

Google+ link to account settings

4) For each of the sections in your about section, you can select a drop down that is very similar to Facebook’s Privacy Settings, but with a few less options.  Again, make sure you setup your circles.

Facebook Privacy Settings vs Google+ Privacy Settings

Google+ Privacy Settings vs Facebook Privacy Settings



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