A updo that can be casual or professional

by Meris on March 27, 2012

Professional conferences are great places to network, learn about current research, and practice your public presentation skills.

They are also, apparently, a great place to learn a new hair style.

I ran into a friend, and after swapping the “how are you’s” and “what have you been up to’s,” I just had to ask her how she did her hair. Her face was framed by a twisted crown and the ends were pulled back and pinned into a low bun. It looked professional, but with an element of casual edginess. It was different. Initially it looked like a french braid, which I have never learned. When she told me it was just a twist (2 pieces!) and that she had found it on You Tube, I dared to hope that I could also attempt such a hair style.

When I go to conferences, I tend to have two default hair styles: straight iron or messy bun. This is a combination of being low-maintence, being lazy, and just never learning basic hairstyling tricks. Now I have a third option that requires no hair product an can be put together as quickly as a couple of braided pigtails.

I do not know if this is the exact You Tube video my friend referred to, but this tutorial is pretty close. My friend’s twist was a little tighter and closer to the edge of her hairline, so the rope-like crown framed her face a bit more.

I hope you find this as helpful as I do.

YouTube Preview Image


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