Video proof I never used to dress that “cute”

by Meg on January 30, 2009

Not going to lie – sometimes I feel a bit of a phoney saying I’m a super geek when I’m not dressed the part – aka, dressed up all “girly” as I call it.  This is one of the reasons why for my pilot GirlHack episode, I have planned a montage of me in fairly “embarrassing” outfits (like when I dressed up as Dr. Crusher for Halloween – HELLZ YEAH!). 

However, some footage made its way back to both the local news and the internet.  About 10ish years ago, there was an outbreak of whooping cough at my school.  I never actually tested positive since I got medicine fairly quickly, but I missed enough school and had all the other symptoms that a girl from my class decided to call the local news and tell them I had it. (BTW, the test is to take what look like really long wire Q-tips and shove them down your nose to the back of your throat.  I was prepared for the test with the nurse telling me to, “sit on your hands, people have a tendancy to push back.”)

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to have a camera crew at my house to mess with them.  I didn’t take my coughing medicine on purpose so I would cough more on camera, I wore jeans with holes in them, and when prompted, “what would you be doing if we weren’t here?” I would be on the computer late 90’s style!

Sadly only a small clip exists, but you can see me in my plain ole t-shirt attire of the day when I wasn’t in my high school uniform using the nets on my old 17″ CRT.  You can see the IBM Leading Edge computer in the background that I learned typing on with Mavis Beacon 1.0 on 5″ floppy.  I really should get my parents to send me the VHS of this after all this buildup.  But here you go (SKIP TO :50 in)


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