Welcome to the new girlhack.com !

by Meg on June 27, 2011

Dear Everyone,

Wow, I can’t believe I had the idea for this website over 4 years ago. During that time, the website has gone through about every iteration and idea possible!  It’s been a long winding road where I constantly put girlhack.com on the back burner behind other jobs, projects, consulting, short films, and really anything else.

However, it’s always been something that has continued to nag me that I HAD to make a full fledged attempt at making this website a success.  I try to live with no regrets and believe in following your passions.  Plus, I still really want to help empower women with tech with my own way.

I  have even left two jobs officially to work on girlhack.com, and finally I am.  No other side projects, just girlhack.com front and center.

I’m happy to announce that this site is where it is today with 10 brand new writers, a new site from Proof Branding, a partnership with Women in Technology International, and 5 interns.  However, had it not been for all the love and support over the years from friends, family, and first round intern help, this site would not be where it is today.  Thank you to everyone.  Get ready for some awesome.

Oh, and buy a t-shirt? :)





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