Where can I show my anit-SOPA support?

by Meg on January 17, 2012

In the event you are unfamiliar with the Federal Government SOPA Bill, which stands for Stop Online Piracy Act, it’s a bill that could change the free flow of information as we know it and make Internet in the US a lot more like China.  This chart does a great job of illustrating that point.  Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia have all come out against this bill which was constructed mainly by the Entertainment Industry.  I understand the right to protect content, but I do not agree that right supersedes our right to flow of ideas and information.  I frankly feel this is old school Hollywood’s way of refusing to change to how people are now wanting to consume media and what they want to pay.

How can you help support this?  First and foremost, CALL YOU CONGRESS PERSON!

Second, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!  Facebook, email, twitter, etc.  Any way that you think the people in your life DON’T know about it already.


Let’s keep American Internet Free together.

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