Women in Tech Mondays: Dodge the glass ceiling!

by Meg on January 19, 2009

Happy new week Monday!

This week’s article isn’t directly related to technology, but it clearly providers further reason for women to embrace technology, especially online.  This could be becoming more familiar with creating a website for a business or understanding better ways to reach out clients in ANY field.  Taking full advantage of the web is being able to market who you are and what you do.  Even my friend from high school who has aspirations of becoming a school nurse could take the time to create a place on the web that is not facebook or myspace, giving potential at home clients that need a nurse, a place to connect to her.  There have been dozens of articles about what not to do on facebook, but not enough of why it’s so good and important to market yourself the correct way online – I should know, because I landed a job at one of the top 5 Fortune 500 tech companies with the HELP of Facebook.

Building up comfort levels with technology then allows for women to do what this article talks about: avoiding the glass ceiling by starting your own business.

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